Raising Meat Chickens

How we Raise Them

Hi Fellow Farmsteaders, We wish to educate and inform our customers of the process of producing scrumptious chicken all the way from our paddock to your plate!


The chickens are sent in the mail from the Hatchery and then picked up From Goonellabah. Their brooder has a deep layer of sawdust on the bottom and they have heat lamps to help provide supplementary heat. All their feed is sourced from SOFT Ag and is certified organic. They are kept in the brooder for 2 weeks in warmer temperatures and three weeks when the weather gets colder.

Out on Pasture

After 2-3 weeks they are moved out onto pasture. The chickens are housed in moveable coops which provide protection from extremes of weather and predators. In warmer temperatures


they are run at lower densities to allow them to be able to cope with the heat. Every morning they are moved onto a new patch of grass moving them off their manure and letting them find new insects and nutrients in the fresh grass. Moving the chickens is a win-win for us as it helps improve the health and wellbeing of the chickens and provides  free fertiliser to enrich the pastures. They are generally kept for 6-7 weeks on pasture.

Processing and Packaging


The chickens are then sent to Alstonville Poultry Farm for processing. We then pick them up the next morning and take them to a butcher where they are cut into parts and pieces. They are then brought home and cryrovaced. The advantage of cryrpovacing is that it allows the meat to last longer. We then transport the chicken to the markets so you can purchase delicious, healthy, nutritious pasture-raised chicken. We currently attend two markets in Lismore:

  • Lismore Produce Market Thursdays from 3-6:30pm. Located in the Lismore CBD
  • Lismore Farmers Markets Saturday from 8-11:30am. Located at the Lismore Showgrounds.

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