At Gracemere Farmstead we are passionate about:

Healing the land

Nurturing our Bodies

Working Together

Enjoying Creation

So how does that work in practice?

Pasture- Raised Meat Chickens

Our meat chickens are raised in floorles movelable shelters that are mvoed daily. The pastures they are raised on are completely chemical free, with no herbicides, insecticides, or fungicides used. They are fed on un-medicated and organic feed from SOFT Agriculture. Moving the chicknes regualry ensures that they recieve fresh pasture every day while also fertilising the ground they pass over.

Layer Chickens/ Ducks

Our egg layers are moved twice a week onto fresh paddock. Following behind the cows, the layers have the opportunity to scratch throiugh the cow droppings spreading the manure as well as catching any insects they may find. As well as eating plenty of fresh insects and grass they are also fed high-quality orgainc layer pellets.

Our egg layers being let out in a new paddock.

Horses/ Cows

Our horses and cows are raised using mob grazing techniques. They are kept in a small paddock on grass and moved every day to a new paddock. This helps restore the land, reduce weeds, thickens the pasture and reduces the pathogen load.


We raise our pigs in a natural outdoor environment, moving them weekly to fresh pastures. We have an emphasis on the welfare of our pigs. When pigs are raised on pasture, with free access to move, root around and wallow in the mud and beneath the sunshine, this benefits us and them. We believe that healthier pigs leads to a healthier you.

Our Inspiration:

Joel Salatin- Joel Salatin was one of the first inspirations for our farming journey. He inspires you to have a go, and gives you a systemtic step by step approach to starting up a farm(an extremely hard job). He is also passionate about working together with family.

Justin Rhodes (Abundant Permaculture)- We have all greatly enjoyed watching the “Great American Farm Tour”. It is so inspirational to see so many people out there practicing permaculture and regenerative agriculture.

Full Circle Farm- They have an inspirational dairy setup on Full Circle that we enjoyed seeing. They also run a multi species farm.

Regranians (Darren Doherty)- Darren Doherty has an innovative system for designing a property for water retention, increasing the potential of your land.

Taranaki Farmstead- Tarankai is a regenerative, picturesque, and profitable Australian farm that we enjoy drawing insparation We are also interested in their Buying clubs that they have set up.

Southhampton Homestead- We are really interested to see how the southampton homestead set up their Micro-abbatoir an idea we would love to emulate.

Organic Ways Farm (Zankers)- The Zankers are some friends that showed us the practical side of farming, and are always there for us when we need a little bit of advice from experienced farmers.