Come stay at Gracemere in a choice of 3 different accomodation options, enjoy feeding the animals every morning and afternoon and exploring the Northern Rivers while staying in comfort and nature.

1. The farmstay unit is newly renovated and contains a double bed, sofa bed lounge and kitchenette. It opens onto a fenced garden and outside area. It adjoins a seperate toilet and shower. Unit sleeps four.

2. Caravan with queen bed and single bed. Small lounge area and bench seating area. Close to shared toilet and shower facilities and access to camp kitchen.

3. Separate wing of the house ( 2 bedrooms and a bathroom). Own entrance and own bathroom. One bedroom contains double bed and other bedroom contains double bed and a bunk bed (suitable for smaller children only). Kitchen is located on the deck as well as an eating area.

We have enjoyed hosting a number of campers this year. All feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. See below for some reviews:

We welcome guests to join us of an evening and morning as we do the animal feeding. During this time we visit the chickens, ducks, goats, dairy cows, beef cows, horses, pigs and geese. There is plenty of time to ask questions. It is truly an interactive experience.

Imagine being able to:
  • Observe the benefits of the daily moving of the horses to fresh pasture where they can enjoy their new feed.
  • Smile as you watch the pigs enjoying the outdoors, relaxing in the sun or rolling in the mud. –
  • See the dairy cows being milked and find out what we use all the milk for. –
  • Feed the meat ducks some bread and then watch them play follow the leader. –
  • Find out the difference between the egg laying ducks and the meat ducks. –
  • Walk beside the goats and observe what they like to eat and their unique characteristics.
  • Cuddle a baby chick as you learn about the life cycle of a chicken and experience the journey from day old chick to fully grown meat chicken.
  • Visit the egg laying chicken caravan, find out what food they eat, how their water is kept clean and check to see if there are any eggs to collect. Watch the geese in their essential guardian role.

To book your stay please feel free to contact us on 0430912612 or

Alternatively you can book directly through Airbnb:

Farmstay Unit

Gracemere Farmstead Guest Wing

Gracemere Farmsetad Caravan

Or you can bring your tent/ caravan/ campervan and camp out under the stars