Permaculture Principles

Hi Farmsteaders, Recently I have been studying permaculture and thought I would summarise what the principles mean to me and some real life applications of them in my life.


Observe and Interact- We have a mixed herd with 4 sheep, 2 horses, and 1 cow in it. Every day they are moved to a new paddock, to give them fresh grass and making sure that they are not grazing over their own manure. As the amount of feed that they consume depends on the grasses present, I need to observe their previous days paddock and adjust size accordingly. This ensures that all grasses are eaten evenly, and helps to improve the pasture.

Catch and Store Energy-  To catch and store energy we have 50 solar panels on the roof on our shed as well as a battery system to ensure that all our electricity that we use is is powered by the sun and we do not need to use coal-burning electricity generating systems. You can read more about off-grid solar system here

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Off Grid Solar

Hi Fellow Farmsteaders,
As I am writing this blog post the laptop is powered off our off-grid solar system. All the lights are powered completely off our solar panels on the shed roof. We have learnt a few things about solar power and how to manage living with solar so hopefully you will find some useful information here.

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