Farm Tour

Here at Gracemere Farmsetad we offer private farm tours in the afternoon between 4-6pm.

Imagine being able to:

🐄Observe the benefits of the daily moving of the horses and calves to fresh pasture where they can enjoy their new feed.

🐷 Smile as you watch the pigs enjoying the outdoors, relaxing in the sun or rolling in the mud.

🦆Find out the difference between the egg laying ducks and the meat ducks.

🐐Walk beside the goats and observe what they like to eat and their unique characteristics.

🐣Cuddle a baby chick as you learn about the life cycle of a chicken and experience the journey from day old chick to fully grown meat chicken.

🐓Visit the egg laying chicken caravan, find out what food they eat, how their water is kept clean and check to see if there are any eggs to collect.

🪶Watch the geese and donkeys in their essential guardian role

Prices are $25/ adult and $15/child with groups capped at 15 people. For over 10 people there is a group discount. Under 2 years are free.

To ensure availability of farm tours advance notice is required. Please phone Stephen on 0430912612 to confirm availability.